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3 Steps to Market (to Your Ideal Home Builder Client)

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Demographics, location, and media are the three steps to follow to increase sales and market to the home builder client.

We currently find ourselves in an extremely competitive market place. It’s no question that the time is now to incorporate the smartest marketing strategies to pin point your target audience. The real estate and home builder market is actually swinging more to the buyer’s advantage or the home builder client, per say than the realtors. In the past, home builders have made selling homes an obligation, but today it is an opportunity.


Here are the steps to market to your ideal home builder client:


Step 1: Demographics

The first step is to understand who lives in your area, to begin with. Demographic encompasses data such as the average age, occupation, household income, and education status of a group of people. Demographics help home builders connect with the client and help with catering your marketing efforts specifically to fit their needs.

Demographics and what the market demands are forever changing. People change jobs, graduate school, expand their families, and even pick up on different interests over time. The best way to study the demographics for your business is through researching your market, to fully understand your audience.

Most metropolitan areas of the country have a very diverse population. Home Builder brands can market to this high achieving audience by cutting to the chase when delivering the pitch.

Another great method to live by is to never sugarcoat the facts. Be honest about the risks of living on the water, how heavy traffic might be, and quality of the nearby schools, as just a few examples of messaging. As always, stay polite because at the end of the day you are still trying to win a sale!


Step 2: Location

You know the saying location, location, location. If most of your clientele involves families, then there’s a high probability that they want to live in a good school district. Being in a good school district is one of the many priorities for households with children, but it is not so much a priority for households without children. Don’t be fooled, however, some families might be expecting or planning to have children in the near future.

Not only do most families want to live near a solid school district, but they also want to live near other amenities such as shopping, dining, hospitals, and much more. Some clients might prioritize their work location over the nearby amenities as well. By knowing your potential buyers, you can highlight topics that they desire most.

Everyone is different and more often than not, clients already have an ideal location they want their future home to be in. If this is the case, then the client or clients won’t even consider a house that isn’t in their desired location. Be specific and know what the client wants.


Step 3: Media

Mostly everyone in this day in age has access to the Internet. Home builders not only need to actively post on social media to help with their marketing efforts, but they also need high-quality content to post on their website, newsletters, and other avenues.

Luckily, home builders won’t have to break the bank when attaining quality content. There are several photography/editing applications available in the android and apple store, some are even free! The best photography apps on the market right now are VSCO, Adobe Lightroom and Pixlr. These are great resources for capturing and editing your visual content.

Along with high-quality images, your business should consider maintaining a presence on social media. Creating social media content relatable to your target audience can be beneficial to growing your reach, sales and number of clients. It’s best to always check up on your business’s social media daily to manage any conversations in a timely manner.

Use hashtags, target specific groups of people. You can even target individuals who use specific hashtags on Twitter. Most importantly, however, insert call-to-action statements in your posts. Call-to-action examples include “follow us”, “read this article”, “schedule a tour here” or “comment below”.

Other forms of media you can apply to your marketing strategies that aren’t social media driven include creating a monthly newsletter, adding a direct mail component to your campaign, and developing signage. Traditional forms of media are not outdated and here are four ways you can incorporate them into your marketing:

  • Newsletter

Create a monthly newsletter which highlights what your company did in a given month. This can include which homes or properties you have recently sold, or which ones are still available.

  • Direct mail

Do you have a promotion currently running? Send out direct mail to your target audience during a promotion, event, or to send thanks to your loyal following.

  • Signage

You can never go wrong with updating your signage or creating a billboard for your home builder business.

  • Print advertising

Many people still receive their weekly subscription to their favorite magazine. Place an ad for your business in your local newspaper or magazine to receive extra awareness and exposure rates from your target market.

A responsive audience is what every company wants. You won’t be able to grab the eye of any potential clients with low-quality images, vague posts or content that lacks value. Social media is only going to get more and more marketing aggressive. Your competitors are already taking advantage of social media and you should too.

Every home builder client has different needs and putting yourself in the client’s shoes can give any business the advantage it needs. By grasping the demographics of your audience, understanding the desired locations and incorporating high-quality social media content are the perfect ways to market to the ideal client.


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