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On-Site Signage for Marketing (The Importance as a Home Builder or Developer)

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In this article, you will learn why you should consider incorporating branded, on-site signage for marketing efforts. 

It is abundantly clear to see that digital marketing has become the primary way for sellers in every industry to reach their target audience. The home building industry is by no means exempt from this trend. In fact, in 2018 over 90% of home buyers reported that they started their search for a new home online. From this information, some might infer that physical signage may be no longer necessary. Others might believe it’s simply redundant.

They would be. However, while it’s no longer the primary method of engaging with home buyers for the first time, it is still a valuable channel of interaction. In this article we will briefly examine why on-site signage is still something you should use as a home builder. In addition, I will also offer some tips on how to improve your signage’s appearance and impact.


Spread the Word: Signage for Marketing 

Physical signage is useful for two primary reasons. First, it’s an immediate indicator that a particular home or lot is up for sale. The home buying process is one that each buyer goes through in their own way, so as a home builder it is up to you to cast a broad net to effectively generate their interest in your properties.

If a buyer is driving through an area or neighborhood they like, they may not even realize that there are homes for sale in the vicinity. A sign is a surefire way to eliminate that doubt. A potential buyer might also see your sign outside one of your homes, and while they might like the home proper they may not like the neighborhood. Directing them to your website or an agent via signage allows them to view your other listings and find another property of yours that may suit their needs better.

The second reason that on-sight signage is still useful, is that it can help generate word of mouth. A neighbor or passerby that knows someone else who is looking for a house, but isn’t looking themselves, is likely to pass on the information. Never underestimate the power of word of mouth when it comes to generating interest in your properties. In fact, 38% of all home buyers buy through an agent recommended by a friend or family.


Make A Good Impression for Signage for Marketing 

The value of on-sight signage isn’t just in its ability to attract buyers in the moment, it’s also the fact that it works as an excellent branding tool. The most essential element of any signage should be the home builder’s logo. A well-designed sign placed in front of a beautiful newly constructed home leaves an impression in someone’s mind even if they aren’t looking for a new home at that moment.

Seizing this branding opportunity is about planting a seed in the minds of future customers. If they see your signs in multiple locations, all with a consistent brand language, then they’re far more likely to remember your name should they suddenly begin hunting for a new home. Of course, having a boring or hard to read sign isn’t going to do you any favors and I have some tips that might help you spice up your signage.


Get Cleaned Up

Your signage is essentially an ambassador for your home building brand, it will often be the first place your audience will see your logo and read your name. As such it’s important that your sign is clean and readable. Remember that your viewers will likely be a good distance off from your sign and driving a car, so legibility is essential.

To that end, choose fonts that are easy to read, and make sure to leave sufficient white space. There’s often a tendency to want to use as much of the space as possible to get more information onto a sign when in reality all you’re doing is muddling your message.

Optimally, 30-40% of your sign should be white space. Well managed white space communicates a sense of ease and confidence, while also ensuring your message is easily read. Remember these consumers are driving so you only have seconds to convey your message.

Since a signage for marketing is also a branding opportunity, your logo should be featured prominently for optimal impact. Beyond that, incorporating your logo’s colors into the design helps make your signs stand out when compared to the generic signage use by other home builders or real estate companies. Your company and your brand are unique, so take advantage of that fact to give yourself an extra leg up when marketing through signage.

As we go increasingly digital some people are losing sight of the value of traditional marketing tools. While it’s important to stay on top of the latest marketing trends, don’t lose sight of what these tried and true methods can bring to the table for your next big marketing push. Leveraging every available option to your advantage is key to success in today’s crowded and competitive marketplace.


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