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The Rise of Voice Search [in Home Builder & Developer Marketing]

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Continue reading to learn the definition of voice search and why it’s becoming more and more common for home builder marketing and SEO.

Did you know voice search inquiries are not only easy to use but are also becoming increasingly more common for home builder marketing? It’s no wonder due to the popularity of smartphones and other voice-related smart devices coming into the market. It’s predicted that 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020. That is why you need to consider incorporating it into your home building marketing strategies.

Gone are the days when Siri would barely understand anything you said. For instance, Google is now able to understand human language with 95% accuracy. To exceed your home builder marketing potential, consider how this improving technology interacts with your website’s SEO.

The more you know about this relationship, the better. Here’s a summary of what voice search is and how it can help to maximize your SEO potential.


Voice Search Popularity  

You need to understand the playing field of voice search to apply it to your SEO efforts. While this new technology seems to work very well across the board, not all devices are created equal. The four main game players in this arena are Apple’s Siri, Google’s Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, and Microsoft’s Cortana.

The most common of these four are Siri and Google Assistant. In fact, both Siri and Google Assistant have a nearly identical usage rate of 36% of users. On the other hand, however, Alexa is behind at 25% usage and Cortana is the least with 19% of users using it regularly.

The reason these percentages vary is due to the ubiquity of smartphones. Every standard iPhone has Siri already automatically embedded. The same goes for Androids with Google Assistant. Alexa’s growth is due to the popularity of Cortana and the Alexa smart speaker.

The newest player on the team is the Google Home smart speaker. Some of your clients might already have it in their newly built homes. It seems likely that Google Assistant may soon overtake Siri in voice assistant usage, and as such we’ll focus on optimizing your SEO for this particular software. So, maximizing your potential with Google Assistant can keep you ahead of other home builder competition in the long run.


SEO Influencing Factors of Voice Search 

Now that you know the basics about voice assistant technology, what factors affect your home builder business? Many of these influencing factors are related to SEO. With this in mind, optimizing your traditional searches can help with your voice search optimization as well.

Only a few websites will rank with voice search. This is because the single most important factor by ranking in the top three positions on page one on the search engine results page (SERP). SERP features can also enhance your results if you have them appear alongside your home building links, giving you a better chance in ranking at the top.


More proven home builder SEO strategies:

  • Cultivating backlinks from well-trusted home building resources and websites.
  • Improving the load time of your website.
  • Establishing a web of links both internally on your site and through external sources like your social media, or a separate blog.
  • Making your home building site mobile friendly.
  • Producing quality content, read below for content related tips.


Content is King

You’ve heard it before and you will hear it again, content is king. This is especially important to SEO because search engines only want to provide the best experience for the user. Including relevant keywords is also very important to keep in mind with content. For example, some common home builder keywords are “home building”, “new custom homes”, and “custom homes near me”.

Overall, voice search is relatively new but gaining popularity quickly. You need to consider implementing SEO strategies if you want to succeed in voice search. Hopefully, you learned something new in this brief introduction and it offers ideas to better improve your home building marketing efforts.


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