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Paid Advertising [Why Home Builders & Developers Need to Invest]

paid advertising - Mordern marketing concept and tools for important lead generation in digital networks.
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Social media advertising and pay-per-click advertising are excellent ways to boost sales through paid advertising.

With the high frequency of usage of the Internet and social media, it is crucial home builders are getting enough online visits and visibility. If no one can find your business online, then there is no way for people to be aware of your home builder brand, purchase your products, or even view your online marketing content if you are not investing in paid advertising.

Out of all of the ways you can purchase ads, social media advertising and pay-per-click advertising (PPC) are the most beneficial ways to promote your business. Social media advertising is promoting your content directly to Facebook, Instagram or other social networks of your choice. PPC helps you place at the top of the search engine list such as Google to increase your brand awareness.


Social Media Paid Advertising

Advertising through social media allows home builders to tell their story in a non-conventional manner. Hundreds of millions of people are on social media every single day. In fact, the top two most popular social media networks in 2019 are YouTube and Facebook.

New research from the Pew Research Center shows 69% of American adults are on Facebook, while 73% are on YouTube. 2018 was the first year YouTube surpassed all of the other social media channels.


Here is a list of benefits as to why your home builder business needs to engage in social media advertising:


  • Drives traffic to your website

Promoting your brand on social media can help communicate with your target market where to find useful information. Some ideas to promote are your contact information, services, and homes for sale.

  • Improves your site’s SEO

Google has robotic spiders which crawl the Internet for information on your website daily. Updating your website or referencing a new article on your social media accounts can help the search engines with optimizing your SEO value.

  • Allows for direct targeting

When you pay for social media ads each of the networks, such as Facebook or Twitter, offer specific ways to directly target or retarget your existing clients and potential clients.

  • Increases event participation

Your business can create events and promote them on social media through paid advertising. This can increase brand awareness and help earn media coverage, as well as participation.

  • Increases brand exposure

Social media users can stumble upon your home builder brand for the first time on a network such as Facebook or Twitter. Also, it can help with growing your business to the world, not just the region your business is.

  • Build relationships

According to Forbes, brands who engage regularly on social media have higher loyalty, more opportunities to communicate to the consumer, and provides your firm with more chances to build a relationship with present clients and potential clients.

  • Help get you more sales

The whole goal behind your marketing plan is to have it reflect positively at your business’s sales and ROI. In fact, 84% of CEOs and VPs claim social media helps consumers to make purchasing decisions.


Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC is also known as cost per click (CPC), but whatever you call it, it’s a way to drive traffic rather than trying to earn organic visits. Essentially, you pay the search engine a set fee for the number of times the ads get clicked, thus the name.

Many companies, not just home builder businesses, use PPC advertising because the return can be greater than your initial investment. For example, an extremely successful PPC ad costing $1 per click can potentially lead to the sale of a home. The most popular form of a PPC advertising system is Google AdWords. This can get your businesses ranked higher than the competition.


Here are more benefits of PPC:


  • Contributes to the sale goals

With more clicks, comes more opportunity. PPC can support all aspects of the sales funnel and create a path to take site visitors through to clients.

  • Easy to quantify results

If you run your PPC through AdWords, it’s easy to measure and track through your success. With the help of Google Analytics, you can analyze how well your campaign is doing and keep track of the progress of your business advertising.

  • Easy to manage

PPC ads allow you to have ultimate control over how you reach your target market. Choose your own keywords, budget, placements, and how restrictive you want to be. Start small and if you see significant results, scale-up, and invest.

  • Improves your site’s SEO

Just like social media advertising, PPC advertising can help improve your home builder business’s SEO value. Taking note of PPC’s insights and factoring it in your marketing strategy is extremely valuable.

  • Little risk

There is practically no risk when it comes to PPC. What is going to happen when you pay for clicks? You will not only receive more visitors to your website, but you will also receive performance information and invaluable data to help with your marketing efforts.

  • Define your reach

Use geo-targeting to specify your advertising reach. For example, you can constrain your reach to a single city, state, or expand it to reach an entire country or the world.

  • Works fast

Running a PPC campaign can achieve the results you desire for your builder business quickly. In fact, it usually takes only roughly 1-2 weeks to build a full campaign and launch it. Then after you turn on the ads, they are on within a day.

Thinking about integrating paid advertising into your business should not be a difficult decision. Above all, social media advertising and PPC advertising are the best options. I have seen firsthand how powerful paid advertising can be and it is truly worth it in the long run, if properly executed and launched.


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