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How Home Builders & Developers Can Market to Seniors [in 4 Ways]

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Easy to read material and pitching to families are a few critical steps you need to follow to effectively market to seniors.

Did you know that empty nesters and active retired adults comprise of the most active home buyers in most areas of the country today? All home builders can benefit from this influential group by implementing effective marketing techniques. Yet, in this youth-filled world, many businesses tend to fall short when they try to market to seniors.

People over 65 years of age have been marketed to their entire lives. Yes, marketing strategies have existed way before the 1950s. Some challenges businesses face when marketing to seniors are experience, content, and not incorporating the family unit in their marketing efforts. Seniors have heard it all and they won’t fall for generic strategies.

Seniors are active in the communities and your firm needs to prioritize this ever-increasing demographic.


4 Techniques to Market to Seniors:


1. Create comprehensive content

Seniors are different from the rest of the market; they require straight forward materials. Even though you are an expert in the home building market, you cannot use technical jargon. Nor you can’t use complex property terms to simply make a sale. Keep it informative yet easy to understand so your audience quickly comprehends your messaging.

Home builders need to simplify their language by writing in plain language using a larger font size to enhance legibility. This is important to include in your home builder website, blog articles, and other written collateral materials specifically tailored for your senior audience.

When you think about it, no one wants to struggle to read your messages while browsing the web. The last thing you want is to have potential clients or home buyers turn your business down because they can’t readily peruse your materials.


2. Use multiple platforms

Crafting relatable language is a major advantage but it doesn’t just stop at the writing. Home builders need to also display this content on the media channels that seniors use the most. While some seniors might prefer traditional media such as newspapers and publications, others might favor more up to date media outlets like social media. It’s best to use multiple platforms when marketing to the senior consumer.

Some examples of traditional media for seniors are local TV news programs, and papers. Besides traditional media, seniors are on Facebook the most out of any other social media network. In fact, 65% of American adults 50 to 64; and 41% of seniors 65+ are usingit on a daily basis.

By providing seniors with a paid advertisement on Facebook – with a target focus location of local cities – your business can increase the growth potential with the senior population. I have seen first-hand how effective Facebook ads are and the potential it can bring to your home builder business. You should incorporate these types of strategies into your overall marketing plans.


3. Advertise to families when you market to seniors

Seniors spend so much time with their families, so why not promote your company to the entire household. In fact, current research shows there has been a significant increase of young adults living with their parents, a 10% increase from the past 13 years to be exact.

Home builders should capitalize on this family dynamic when marketing to seniors in your market. Advertising your business to families is profitable. This is not only because of the multi-generational household increase, but also because seniors and grandparents want to spend as much time with their families as possible.

A marketing technique all home building professionals need to take advantage of is appealing to the whole family, not just the senior. Seniors heavily value their families and once the attention is grabbed by all members of the household, there’s no telling how much business your firm can gain by using this broader approach.


4. Market directly as well

On the contrary to advertising to the whole family unit, home building businesses can also market to seniors and grandparents directly. Seniors will appreciate that your firm has taken the extra steps necessary to have a strategic marketing plan catered specifically to their needs and desires.

To be more direct with the senior demographic is to show you understand their interests. For example, seniors are interested in art, gardening, and volunteering. A tip is to get to know your senior clients on a deeper level. Don’t be afraid to ask about their favorite hobbies and things they like to participate in. Then use these interests in your marketing strategy. Be authentic, show a real interest in their lives and you’ll build trust and lasting relationship.

How can you use their interest in a marketing strategy or pitch? The answer is simple. A home builder agent can show one of their senior clients a well-manicured backyard or community which offers plenty of green space to enjoy and ask, “Is this enough room for your garden or grandchildren?” Or for a more wholistic approach ask, “How many residential properties can you picture building here?”

That question alone can help seniors picture living there. It might take time to get to know your senior clients, but it will be worth it in the end. Keep in mind the many seniors who are interested in buying a home, condominium, or investing in property are looking for a company they can trust.

Now before you go start a new campaign for your business, remember these critical marketing strategies. Home builders can help increase its senior client base by creating great informative content on multiple platforms and by tying in senior’s top interests during the marketing campaign to address their unique requirements.


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