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Developer Marketing (6 Proven Community Marketing Strategies)

community marketing strategies

4.5 min read Learn effective community marketing strategies for home builders and developers.   Being a home builder or developer is a major accomplishment. It’s an even bigger accomplishment once you’ve completed the construction of an entire community. You’re proud of your completed master-planned community and now need to sell some houses. In this article,

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Community Branding (Why it’s Important for Home Builder Marketing)

community branding

3-min read   In this article, you’ll learn about community branding, storytelling, keyword research and how to connect to a wider audience with shared beliefs.   Being a community developer, you’ve spent extensive time and energy creating the perfect community for your homebuyers. But without great community branding and marketing initiatives, no one will be

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Multifamily Home Buyer [How Home Builders Can Market to Them]

New multi family home buyer block with balconies, bright facade and wooden panels.

4 min 15 sec read   Prioritize location, price, and amenities when marketing to the multifamily home buyer.   Multifamily housing is predicted to dominate the future of real estate. All home builder businesses should consider prioritizing their marketing efforts to the multifamily home buyer and product. Or at least consider adding this to your

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