TRENDING : Open House: How Home Builders Can Attract the Right Home Buyer

On-Site Signage for Marketing: The Importance as a Home Builder

signage for marketing - Perfect for the presentation of your creativity. These mockups are good to use for outdoor advertising! Only one easy step needed to use this mockups: just add or overlay your design and use anywhere.

3 min and 30 sec read   In this article, you will learn why you should consider incorporating branded, on-site signage for marketing efforts.   It is abundantly clear to see that digital marketing has become the primary way for sellers in every industry to reach their target audience. The home building industry is by

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The Rise of Voice Search in Home Builder Marketing

Man Using Voice search Assistant On Cellphone

3-min read   Continue reading to learn the definition of voice search and why it’s becoming more and more common for home builder marketing and SEO.   Did you know voice search inquiries are not only easy to use but are also becoming increasingly more common for home builder marketing? It’s no wonder due to

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Rendering: How It Can Advance Homebuilder Marketing

rendering - Studio shot of a young businesswoman using a digital tablet with property graphics against a blue background

4-min read In this article you will learn the definition of rendering, benefits of incorporating them into your marketing plans, and examples of the exterior, interior, and floor plan renderings you create for your business.   If you are like most home builders, then a top priority for you would be to present your products

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3D Modeling: A Real-life Perspective for Showcasing Home Builders Work

3D modeling - Team of young colleagues creative graphic designer working on color selection and drawing on graphics tablet at workplace, Color swatch samples chart for selection coloring.

4-min read   This article offers insight to all of the options, benefits, and examples you should consider when using a 3D modeling approach for your website.   You may not be fully aware but you don’t have a lot of time to engage your visitors on your home building site. In fact, new statistics

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Virtual Tours: How Home Builders Can Use & Take Advantage of Them

Children Exploring Virtual Tours Reality Technology

4-min read   Benefits and options when implementing a virtual tour for your home building site.   Everyone has heard the saying, ‘a picture is worth a 1,000 words’ before. Yet, how many words can a virtual tour bring to a potential homebuyer? Definitely more than 1,000, and maybe even a million. In this article, we

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How Home Builders Can Benefit from Repurposing Content

dos and dons of repurposing content - Speech icon vector bubble Dos and Don'ts or like/unlike symbols, flat simple logotype graphic design

3 min read   The do’s and don’ts about content creation and repurposing content for home builders.   This article will cover how to incorporate repurposed content for new markets. Do you feel constantly overwhelmed by trying to produce new and relevant content to your audiences? This task can be daunting, to say the least.

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Features Home Builders Need to Attract More Single-Family Homebuyers

features - Modern kitchen in white with a hardwood floor

3 min and 20 sec read   9 trends and features to consider adding to your next single-family home construction project.   Did you know there are approximately 853,000 single-family building permits in the US? This number represents the need and accumulation the consumer has for single-family homes. In this article, we will look into

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How Home Builders Can Market to the Single-Family Homebuyer

single-family homebuyer -A row of newly-built houses in a residential subdivision.

4 min read   Several strategies to improve your chances of gaining more single-family homebuyer clients.   Did you know 80% of Americans would prefer to live in a single-family home but only 70% of them actually do? This is a big slice of the American pie to market to as a home builder. In

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Multifamily Home Buyer: How Home Builders Can Market to Them

New multi family home buyer block with balconies, bright facade and wooden panels.

4 min 15 sec read   Prioritize location, price, and amenities when marketing to the multifamily home buyer.   Multifamily housing is predicted to dominate the future of real estate. All home builder businesses should consider prioritizing their marketing efforts to the multifamily home buyer and product. Or at least consider adding this to your

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What Home Builders Need to Know About Demographics and Social Media

demographics and social media: Human Crowd Forming A World Map: Population And Social Media Concept

3 min and 30 second read   We will cover the ideal demographics to collect for home builders and how social media is reshaping the online marketing world. You will learn how to mold these influencing factors to your future marketing efforts for your business.   We live in an ever-changing world. However, when conducting

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