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Community Branding (Why it’s Important for Home Builder Marketing)

community branding

3-min read   In this article, you’ll learn about community branding, storytelling, keyword research and how to connect to a wider audience with shared beliefs.   Being a community developer, you’ve spent extensive time and energy creating the perfect community for your homebuyers. But without great community branding and marketing initiatives, no one will be

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Yearly Email Marketing Trends Recap (For Home Builders)

Email Marketing Trends for home builders

3-min read   Learn important email marketing trends data from this year and strategies to help you with your strategy.   I am still learning new tactics even with over 25 years of experience. In this article, you’ll learn many email-related benchmark reports and what they mean for you as a home builder. Continue reading

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SEO Checklist for Home Builders [Part 2 of Successful SEO]

4-min read   In this second article, you’ll learn the rest of the many important SEO checklist items to incorporate for your home building website. Learn successful SEO here.   Welcome back to part two of our SEO Checklist for Home Builders! In part one, we discussed four crucial SEO techniques for your builder site.

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Video Brochures for Home Builders (Functionality and 4 Benefits)

3 min and 30 sec read   Learn how videos brochures for home builders work and their many benefits.   Let’s face it – many people would rather be entertained with a short video than read about your business. The world is slowly turning away from traditional media outlets such as newspapers to a more

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Comparing Home Builder Marketing to a Building a House

3 min and 30 sec read   Learn how your brand, website, SEO, PPC and social media can compare to home construction.  Comparing home builder marketing to construction.   As a home builder, you know all too well how to build a house from the ground up. Starting with leveling the land, laying the groundwork

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Billboard Advertising for Home Builder Marketing [4 Benefits & Design Tips]

3 min 45 sec read   In this article, you’ll learn the many marketing benefits and design challenges which come along with billboard advertising.   Living in the 21st century, we’re all familiar with billboards and how they work. We’ve seen them around our neighborhoods, busy intersections and every time we go on a highway.

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SEO Checklist for Home Builder Marketing [Part 1 of Successful SEO]

4 min read   In this first article, you’ll learn four crucial SEO checklist techniques for a successful builder site.   Consistently ranking on the first page on the search engine results page (SERP) is not easy. It takes time, accountability and effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. Even though being visible and gaining traffic

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Home Builder Landing Page [How to Create the Perfect One]

4 min 30 sec read   Learn the definition and steps it takes to create a converting, perfect home builder landing page.   Do you want more prospects to convert from browser to buyer on your website? Of course, you do! Building an optimal home builder landing page can maximize conversion rates and give you

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Voice Search in Home Builder Marketing Part 3 (Long Live the King)

4 min 30 sec read   In this article, you’ll learn about voice search in home builder marketing and how it’s related to SEO, content creation and voice search for webpages.   We live in a world of online marketing and SEO, there’s an oft-repeated phrase: “Content is King.” Polished, easy to read, and high-quality

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PPC vs. SEO [What’s the Best Strategy for Home Builder Marketing?]


4 min and 30 sec read   In this article, you’ll learn the definitions of SEO and PPC as well as their pros and cons.   You’re an expert in creating and building beautiful homes, not in strategic marketing. Let me educate you about the similarities and differences between these two very mainstream marketing tactics

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